Payment for using the private road Misterkjøle Skogsvei

Hi to all of you who plan to visit our beautiful nature and use the private forest road Misterkjølen Skogsvei. The forset road normaly open in June. Opening will be announced here. Regarding payments for foreigners traveling on private mountain roads will be: bring cash. Other methods are difficult and sometime more costly.

For those that are coming to Mistra this summer the current fees are:

Passenger car/tractor NOK 80
Vehicles over 2 tons (limit 10 tons) NOK 150
Motorcycle NOK 40
Annual pass NOK 800
Penalty fee for not having paid required fee NOK 500

1. Cash payment is to be placed into envelope at the check point at the entry to the roads and dropped in the box at the same place before entering.
2. By bank payment to the account number 1850 07 42271 (Use IBAN: NO5218500742271 and BIC (SWIFT): SHEDNO22)
3. Vipps (Norwegian digital order of payment) is not currently available for foreigners.

Every type of documentation of payments is to be visible through the front window in the vehicles, marked with the registration number and date. Failing to do so will be fined with NOK 500,-
We want to underline that the fees are much needed for the upkeep of the roads and bridges.
Finally – Enjoy your trip and use our nature with great care – without leaving any trace.